Integrated Environmental Permit (integrated permit) is a tool for environmental management aimed at preventing and controlling pollution from the activities of companies with a high environmental impact. It is the most complex of environmental permits.

When exceeding the threshold capacity in a domain that requires an integrated permit, the integrated permit is required for the operation of the installation as a whole. In such a case, the integrated environmental permit shall replace the air pollution permit, waste permit and the permit for the special use of water.

The industrial activities and threshold capacities requiring integrated permits are established by a regulation of the Government of the Republic: “The list of subcategories and the threshold capacities in the case of which an integrated permit is required for the operation of an installation”.

We have experience in submitting integrated permit applications, including requests for changes to integrated permits, through the new KOTKAS information system. We also draw up baseline reports to be submitted as an annex to the integrated permit.

Applying for a permit often requires an environmental impact assessment. We can help with that as well!

Upon request, we also provide a service to manage all subsequent environmental reporting.

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