Permit applications

We put together air pollution permits, waste permits, integrated environmental permits and special permits for water use. We also provide environmental management services, mainly for the permits created by us, which consists of the preparation and submission of quarterly declarations and annual reports arising from the permits. In addition, we provide other arrangements to fulfil the obligations set out in the permits (monitoring, including certified water sampling, surveys, etc.).
We offer an integrated service that covers both the preparation of a permit application and the preparation of the necessary project. We will also provide assistance in communicating with the Environmental Board during the permit application process and, if necessary, prepare helping charts for further declaration of pollution charges.

Air pollution permits

We will put together emission permit (LHK) projects for air pollution permit (ambient air pollution permits) applications and assist in applying for an air pollution permit.

Water Permits

We will assist you in preparing your application for permit for the special use of water. We also assist with elements required for the preparation of the application like studies, analyses, environmental impact assessments, etc.

Waste Permits

We assist in compiling applications for waste permit and hazardous waste management permit. Upon request, we also provide services for managing all subsequent environmental reporting.

IPPC permits

Integrated pollution prevention and control permit (IPPCpermit) is a tool for environmental management aimed at preventing and controlling pollution from the activities of companies with a high environmental impact. It is the most complex of environmental permits.

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