Noise assessments

We perform noise modelling during the day and night period. We draw up noise maps and make noise level calculations. We evaluate road and train as well as industrial noise.

Noise is an inalienable part of the modern living environment. It is an environmental concern that people are becoming increasingly aware of. Environmental noise can affect a person both physically and psychologically and can interfere with basic activities such as sleeping, resting, studying and communicating. In relation to this, there is a growing need to assess emissions from different noise sources when planning new developments and designing buildings.

The assessment of ambient air noise is regulated by the Atmospheric Air Protection Act (hereinafter AAAA) and the standard noise levels are established in Regulation No 71 of § 56 (4) of the same Act, “The normative levels of environmental noise and the methods of noise measuring, determining and assessing”, issued by the Minister of the Environment of 13.01.2017 which entered into force 01.02.2017.

The noise assessment shall be prepared taking into account Regulation No. 32 issued on 06.10.2016 by of the Minister of the Environment: “The Requirements for Compilation of Ambient Noise Management Plans”.

We use the professional SoundPlan Essential 3.0 modelling software in our work.

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