We put together environmental impact assessments and environmental expert opinions, applications for environmental permits (air pollution permits, waste permits, integrated permits, special permits for water use), do noise and air quality modelling, take water samples, put together municipal waste management plans, etc. We also provide industrial and service companies with an environmental management service consisting of ongoing preparation, submission and consultation of environmental reports, including the organization of necessary monitoring.

Permit applications

We put together air pollution permits, waste permits, integrated environmental permits and special permits for water use.

Expert assessments

We carry out environmental status assessments and environmental surveys and provide expert opinions and expert assessments for detailed plans and projects that require it.

Impact assessments

We carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for projects and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for plans and development plans. Also, we help with ex-ante evaluations.


Using a special software, we perform noise and air quality computational evaluation, i.e. modelling.


We provide a full water sampling service. With the help of our partners, we organize air quality measurements from chimneys, ventilations and other emission sources.

Environmental management

We provide the service of submission of environmental declarations and reports under a service agreement. The company provides us with the necessary input data and further calculations and reporting will already be done by us.

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